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Oh, So Handy!
Walker Bags 


Cutting Skill Level: Beginner

Sewing Skill Level: Beginner

For those requiring the assistance of a walker, a bag for holding reading materials, a cell phone or reading glasses is a must! The Oh, So Handy! Walker Bags are designed to do just that. The walker bags are made of sturdy denim and beautiful cotton, with hook and loop fasteners on the sides for quick and easy attachment to walkers. This project is easy to sew for volunteers of all ages and skill levels.

Interested in helping? This is an opportunity for you! Each kit contains supplies for walker bags, cut and ready for sewing. You can check out as many as you like!


When you have completed your project, let us know and we can make arrangements for pick up or return. Walker bags have been very popular with individuals striving to maintain independence.

Oh, So Handy! Walker Bag instructions
Contact Sew Good Goods for all supplies!

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