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Board of Directors

​Sew Good Goods is a nonprofit, tax exempt organization dedicated to donating high quality, hand-crafted items of beauty and function. We offer programs that teach sewing skills, build confidence and a sense of accomplishment, and continue the tradition  and art of sewing to beautify the world. Sew Good Goods embraces the notion that in creating and giving hand-crafted goods a unique human connection is made and shared. Founded by Judy Walker and Birdie Cunningham, friends with a passion to connect to others, making homemade gifts and of course to sew good goods.



Judy Walker, Co-founder
Judy Walker learned to sew as a young girl, thanks to her mom Mary. She sewed off and on over the years, more off than on as her family grew. When her daughter Grace asked Judy to make her wedding dress, the request reignited a passion and over the course of eight months she made the dress. The experience spurred a connection around sewing with family and friends and an enduring bond with Birdie, Grace's sister-in-law.

When not sewing, Judy spends time at her farm in northern Minnesota, volunteers for various nonprofits, pursues the creative arts, loves her family and enjoys her time as a recently "retired" executive of a health care company.

Birdie Cunningham, Co-founder
Birdie Cunningham works in the field of public health specializing in sleep education and research.  She has a passion for sewing and boundless energy for creating opportunities and connections. She was always curious about sewing but never had enough courage or supplies to give it a try. Through her relationship with Judy, many opportunities to learn arose. She enjoys sewing and creating projects for and with her children.

Gary Goetzke
Gary Goetzke is a health care executive with over 25 years experience in the medical device industry. He is an amateur bee keeper, bird breeder and farmer, and has a great appreciation for hand made things of beauty. He resides in St Paul but many weekends can be found at his farm in northern Minnesota with his wife Judy.


Andi Larsen 
Andi Larsen’s grandmother taught her so much about the joy of working with her hands. Simple pleasures that added beauty to everyday life included berry picking, gardening and all types of sewing. The emphasis was to add creativity to practical tasks and then share the goods with family and others. Connections are made with the offerings, and this makes the world a little safer and hopeful. Her grandmother reminded her that work and play have a lot of overlap!

Andi lives with her family in two places, the cities and the North Shore. She is a Fiber Arts Dabbler, struggles to follow recipes, and a passionate reader and wild blueberry picker.

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