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Sew Good Goods in the Community

Sew Good Goods shares our handmade items with some great organizations. Read about some of them here.

Libros Para El Viaje
Books for the Journey

Sew Good Goods has partnered with bookseller Denise Chávez on what has been described as a soul-nourishing project called “Libros Para El Viaje” meaning books for the journey. Sew Good Goods donates book bags and she fills them with bilingual storybooks and brings them to the migrants on both sides of the border.  For more information read  A Latina Author In New Mexico Is Delivery Books To Asylum Seekers On The Border To Brighten Their Spirits.  




Groveland Foodshelf and Minneapolis Crisis Nursery

Sew Good Goods has donated many bibs to the  Groveland Foodshelf and the Minneapolis Crisis Nursery. This has been a popular project with our volunteers! A group of young girls cut, pinned and sewed after a pizza party; a medical office adopted the project as a volunteer service initiative on September 11, the National Day of Service; and an AmeriCorp volunteer is donating hours at her sewing machine working the Bib kits.



Blue Cross Blue Shield

Face Mask for Health Care Providers

Sew Good Goods is working with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota and Treadle Yard Goods to sew protective masks for local health care providers. For more information and to volunteer see Masks for Health Care Professionals current project tab.

Ruth Gaylord Hospital Kampala, Uganda

The mission of the Ruth Gaylord Hospital in Kampala, Uganda is that every mother leave the hospital with a healthy child and every child with a healthy mother. When the hospital was officially dedicated volunteers from Sew Good Goods were there to present 100 pillowcases -- promoting healing of hearts and spirits. Many volunteers contributed to this project including friends, family, other Uganda travelers and residents of a local sober house. Since 2013, volunteers have created a steady stream of beautiful handmade blankets for new moms and babies at the hospital.



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